Photography, design, styling by Taylor Pemberton for Cavalier, 2013. pemberton:

Setting up for Wantful.
Photo by Collin Hughes.
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Creative direction by Taylor Pemberton for Wantful, 2013. Identity design by Taylor Pemberton for Ferhit. 2013. - Creative Direction and Design by Taylor Pemberton, 2013. Design by Taylor Pemberton. Pitch for Union Square Ventures, unused. 2013. Design by Taylor Pemberton for Cavalier. Cavalier Original Leather Duffle Bag, 2011.
Photograph by Matt Edge. Graphic design by Taylor Pemberton for Cavalier. S/S ‘13 Creative direction and design by Taylor Pemberton for Wantful, 2011.
Also some goodies in there by Jay Schaul, Kevin Harris, Daniel Smith Research by Taylor Pemberton for Tumblr, 2013.
In February, I worked on a project with Tumblr in NYC that focused on various brand and psychological initiatives. One of the few things I worked on involved qualitative research, visual comparisons, and inconsistencies across the Tumblr brand and product.
The main call-to-action on’s Dashboard is their ‘Create Post’ button. This button is clicked over 10 Million times a day, and is one of the most important interactions that takes place within the product and service.
After comparing Tumblr’s language across iOS, Android, and Desktop, we decided to change the button to ‘Publish,’ in order to match mobile platforms, and to create a more seamless, and consistent user experience. Lithograph print by Taylor Pemberton, 2011. Photography by Taylor Pemberton. Plates. MOMA, 2013. Direction by Taylor Pemberton for Cavalier. Cavalier Lookbook Part 2, 2012.
Photography by Collin Hughes
Follow me on twitter for more: Karma, pay-as-you-go, social internet. Photography, 2013. Creative Direction for Wantful. Holiday Magazine, 2012.
Art Director: Boris BencicDesigner: Sean SutherlandPhotographer: Nicole Franzen

Follow me on twitter here: Creative Direction for Wantful. Holiday Magazine, 2012.
Art Director: Boris BencicIllustrator: Deanne Cheuk, charcoal on paper.